Currently Supports Cheetah MS6 Fender Chroma Polaris Kawai K3 and K3m Korg DSS-1,DSM-1,DW-6000 Korg DW-8000/EX-8000, M1 KiwiTechnics Kiwi3P, KiwiSix, Kiwi-106 Upgrades KiwiTechnics Kiwi-8P, Kiwi-1000, Kiwi-30 Upgrades Kiwitechnics Kiwi-SJX Upgrade MKS-30 JH Midi Mod Roland Juno 1, 2, 106, MKS-7, MKS-50, MKS-70, MKS-80 Roland JX-8P, JX-10, JD-990, System 8 Oberheim Matrix 6 & 6R, Oberheim Matrix 1000 Organix 3P Midi Upgrade Sequential Circuits SixTrak, Max Studio Electronics ATC/X, SE-1X Waldorf Pulse, Q/Q+ MicroQ, MicroWave I (OS2), MicroWave II Moog Slim & Little Phatty MidiCC to Sysex translation Price is US$450 + Freight
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Concepts The   Patch   Editor   has   been   designed   for   easy   parameter   editing   for   many   of   the   older   keyboards   with   easy   to   use   controls for   every   synth   type.   Every   active   control   will   light   up   to   make   fast   changes   simple   and   buttons   are   colour   coded   depending which state is active. Each control that is changed will clearly identify itself on the display. There   was   a   stage   when   most   of   the   keyboards   manufactures   went   though   a   process   of   removing   all   the   knobs   and replacing   them   with   a   parameter   driven   system.   Anyone   who   has   used   one   will   know   how   difficult   it   is   to   use,   especially live.   When   the   complaints   started   arriving   some   started   making   plug   in   patch   editors.   The   problem   with   these   is   they   only worked   on   one   type   of   keyboard   and   were   (and   still   are)   expensive   and   rare.   The   'Patch   Editor'   can   be   used   in   place   of   a PG-300   or   MPG-80   as   well   as   handle   midi   control   of   midi   and   sysex   capable   keyboards.   It   includes   an   internet   update system   for   software   changes   or   new   keyboards   support,   and   includes   an   external   input   that   can   be   mapped   to   any continuous control and all the active controls light up to make it easy to use. Each control in each synth is kept in lookup tables. This approach has made the Patch Editor very versatile and flexible. Some of the features are: Can   translate   midiCC   to   the   currently   selected   patch. This   will   allow   any   synth   to   be   controlled   via   midiCC   for   software   that   does   not   support   sysex.   One midiCC command for filter cutoff adjust, for instance, will output the correct codes for filter cutoff adjust for any selected synth. Can   control   both   the   Upper   &   Lower   Tone   boards   in   the   MKS-70   &   MKS-80   from   the   Patch   Editor   directly   separately   or   combined.   Note,   the   MKS-70 needs the latest system ROM (v1.08). Every   control   identifies   itself   and   it's   value   on   the   display   in   real   time.   This   is   important   when   unused   controls   are   reassigned   as   is   done   in   some   synth types. Colours change as controls are moved and each page uses it’s own colour for easy page identification. Each synth type has a separate synth midi channel which is remembered. The Patch Editor also has a midi channel for it's own midiCC control. All switch positions are remembered for each synth type. The   ext   input   allows   control   of   any   one   variable   parameter   from   an   external   voltage   source.   For   example   a   foot   pedal   could   be   used   to   control   the   filter cut off much like a waa waa pedal might. The control lights can be dimmed to suit current light levels. Top   quality   components   have   been   used   throughout.   This   has   added   to   the   price   but   you   get   something   that   will   work   well   when   it   is   supposed   to   and will last. Power supply required is 12vDC with a minimum of 1Amp and the Patch Editor has reverse polarity protection built in. The plug required for power connection is a DC style 2.5mm ID, 5.5mm OD and 10-14mm shaft length with positive on the inside.
Here is an independent review (in German).
Here is an independent review from SOS.
Note - The Power Pack is not included
Feedback “..Also,   a   new   super   cool   feature   for   the   PE   is   that   you   can   control   it   via   standard   MIDI   CC.   This   means,   if   you   use   a   DAW   like   Live   that   does   not   support   SYSEX   (I   do),   you   can   now   program SYSEX   synths   like   the   MKS80   using   CC   to   the   PE,   which   then   sends   the   SYSEX. There   is   no   setup   involved   as   each   knob/slider   has   a   dedicated   CC   (Cutoff   is   33   for   example).   So,   whether   you are controlling a MKS80, a MW1 or a Moog Phatty, the cutoff is always CC33..   Very cool..” Paul - UK
I must say that your PE really gave life to my EX 8000 and that I enjoyed it so much that I also bought the keyboard version. Alex - France I've been having a lot of fun with this [3P] upgrade + patch editor. It's really an amazing achievement, thanks again for this. It's amazing to program with, really happy. Matthew U.K. Patch editor rocks. Use it on my sixtrak and jx10. Tom - Belgium I got the Patch editor and it works fantastic!!! great tool, big respect and  keep it on!!! Sandro - Switzerland I have been really enjoying the patch editor - it has been working great and is a lot of fun. Ian - USA I’ve tested the Little Phaaty patch. Its awesome, really nice patch. thanks. - Thorsten - Germany The patch editor is a wonderful interface for controlling the MKS-70. I'm really enjoying it. Erik - USA Your editor works very well and it looks so nice. My wife said:”It looks great, get another five!”. You did a great job! Thomas - Germany I love my PE. Philippe - France wow...jx8p and pe = massive synth. Thorsten - Germany Thanks a lot for the quick fix. Makes it more and more a joy to use. Fantastic product + support if I didn't mention it before :) Steffen- Germany I'm really digging this thing and I recommend it to everyone. Bradley - USA Received my patch editor about two weeks ago, and it is amazing. You have designed a product that both functions perfectly and couldn't be easier to use. Graham - USA Loving the PE! Steve - UK Loving my unit, using it solely for a MKS-80. Thank you! Justin - Australia Would like to thank you for the fantastic 3P upgrade and the ultra fantastic patch editor ! I replaced all my hardware programmers.....PG 200, 300, 800, Access Microwave 1, yours works much better and looks much better also. John - Holland So far, I've only tried it out editing a JX8P and an Alpha Juno2, and let me say that I am extremely satisfied, and more than a little bit impressed. I'd used other hardware controllers (Behringer BCR2000 for example), which did the job, but required extensive setting up and more often than not left a handful of parameters un-editable due to lack of knobs. Having a dedicated unit such as the PE, capable of controlling multiple synths on one MIDI chain at the push of a button, seriously is almost a dream come true. Scott - Japan Thanks for the goods - excellent service. Patch editor working wonderfully - nice one. Dominic - UK I got the PE.  Love it!  Only tried it with my Matrix 6 so far, but its amazing.  Really opens things up.  Thanks again. Nate - USA the patch editor has arrived and works fine with all my gear (JX8P, JX10, Alpha Juno 2, Matrix 1000, Pulse etc.), it looks like a spaceship-control --> very good work i must say. Thanks for the smooth transaction and the tank-like packaging. York - Germany this controller is awesome, beautiful and robust! thank you again. Gerome - Belgium I meant to email you about my KiwiTechnics Patch Editor - it arrived here in Canada 4 . . . FOUR!!! . . . days after I paid you. I don't even know how that's possible. AND IT ROCKS!. James - Canada Just wanted to let you know that I have received the patch editor and it works like a charm, what a brilliant piece of hardware! Can't wait to get my hands on some other synths that it supports :) Niklas - Sweden just wanted to say thanks for sending the Patch Editor so quickly. Also thanks for creating such a great device which will make things much easier to edit on the supported synths. I love it already and only had it for a couple of hours! Easy to use, great look and built quality. Keep up the good work. Heiko - Australia Just a quick note to say I received my Patch Editor today and put it into immediate use in the studio.  It's one of those bits of gear which makes you wonder why no one has done this before now - simple and brilliant in equal amounts.  Build quality is excellent unlike so many products these days.  I have it plugged into my eMagic AMT8 midi interface and route it via Logic 9 to my various synths.  I found straight off the bat it worked really well with my DW8000 and Slim Phatty. Nick - UK Package turned up last Friday - about 80 hours after the funds would have turned up in your account - very quick. The PE is just amazing -  makes my MKS-70 knob tweaking heaven. Many thanks. PS love the magnet strips on the base - very handy. Andrew - Australia Just wanted to let you know that I think the Kiwi PE is a fantastic piece of equipment. My Six-Trak really came alive with the Kiwi. It's brilliant. All in all it's a really cool thing you've got going here! thanks. Patrik - Sweden This is one sturdy and functional unit which is really getting to the guts of the parameters of my EX8000 and DW6000 without going through pages on the front panel of the synths. Tim - Australia Just a quick note to tell you how we (me and my band) are really enjoying the patch editor. You now have two more big time fans in Michigan. We have used it (and never had so much fun) with my JX-8P and Matrix 1000. Wes - USA I absolutely love the kiwi PE!!! I use it on my mks70, sci max, matrix 6, matrix 1000, kawai k3m, mks7, dw8000, dw6000, juno 2, and slim phatty and it works perfectly!  I don’t know what I would do without it!! Dallas - USA Picked up the Patch Editor from the post the other day.  Got it hooked up to the Kiwi-3P and I'm seriously impressed.  I always knew it was powerful but having access directly at your finger tips is a revelation.  I'm really digging the random arp and sample/hold features. Jim - USA I just wanted to say thanks for promptly shipping the PE.  I'm really, really enjoying it.  So far, I've only tried it out on my Juno-2, but it's breathed new life into that synth for sure!  Plus, the build quality of the PE is really exceptional. Worth every penny. Aaron - USA The patch editor is fantastic! Tried it with ex8000, K3m and MKS50 so far - sits comfortably on top of a Nord Lead 3! Adam - UK I like this enough that I am having a hole routed in my walnut desk so that this sits recessed to my left. Sold my PG800 and nearly covered the cost, yet this also controls my Matrix 6R and Chroma Polaris, it was a no brainer. Jesse - USA I am really enjoying the Patch Editor and have used it live several times….the sound control and feedback with the JX-10 is simply fantastic… Walt - USA I just wanted to let you know that your Patch Editor has arrived here in Germany a while ago and it's working like a charm! Thank you so much for your time and effort in designing this little godsend. I am using it with a Matrix 6R, Microwave 1 and MKS 50 & 70. Sebastian - Germany I got the editor today. What a major difference!!! My synths are alive now. To think the amount of time I have spent editing synths by hand. Damon - NZ I love my PE!  I use it for my Little Phatty, Kiwi-3P and a six trak.  Works beautifully. Michael - USA Digging the PatchEditor, nice work! Devin - USA I received the Patch Editor and it's all well and good. What a fine device, thank you for making this! Brendan - USA I've received the PE, and I'm incredibly pleased! It's a wonderful tool so thanks again! Øystein - Norway I got the JX3P upgrade and the Patch Editor and I love them!!! Nicholas - USA I love this patch editor. Single best piece of gear in my synth studio --- by a long shot! Philip - USA The Patch Editor arrived last Saturday after 4 Days of Shipping from New Zealand to Switzerland ... pretty fast!! I am very happy with it to control a Matrix 6r, Korg EX-8000 and a Roland MKS- 70. Daniel - Switzerland Hello! I just received my Patch Editor and the Kiwi-3P upgrade. Both are really really awesome and wanted to thank you very much for making both. Derek - UK Hello, i purchased a kiwi patch editor about a year ago and i love it! it turned my SC Max into an amazingly powerful synth, and i love using it with the dw8000 as well! Gabriel - USA The PE arrived very quickly, and it works very well.  It's showing me that the MKS-70 rocks, the Waldorf MW1 is still impenetrable, and that the SCI MultiTrak (with special eeprom enabling SixTrak-like Midi CC) is a surprisingly fun, though still mostly crappy sounding, synth!    I plan to use the PE with some ipad apps also, probably running the midibridge app to do CC number translation on the ipad itself. Thanks very much! Kevin - USA I just bought a used patch editor yesterday. I really want to thank you for this hardware quality. Its very robust and to turn knobs is like a dream. Atheer - Germany I've gotta say, the PE is just excellent, superb control over my racksynths! I'm controling 3 racksynths from it and everything works flawlessly. Oystein - Norway Just received the Patch Editor and it is lovely. Makes programming the Kiwi3P a pleasure. Thank you. Kevin - USA I use the Patcheditor with a number of my synths. Many thanks for a fantastic product. Mattias +1 for the KiwiPE. Great piece of kit. Updates have it supporting more synths all the time (JD990 being the latest). I love mine so much it affects my buying decisions. Just about anything "rack" that I don't have but is supported by the KiwiPE is on my "to buy" list . . . I'll get that microwave one day! And in 5 years I have never had a problem with it. James - [AH] Group Murray's unit supports a shed-load of synths, not just the MKS-70/JX-10. Not sure what else is in the pipeline, but the software is continuously developed. Build quality is exemplary. Oh, and it has purty lights. Tim - [AH] Group Just wanted to get back to you. I absolutely love my patch editor! Sings new life into my dw-8000, and brings a certain spontaneity that was never possible before the PE came into my world! Solid build quality, and a well thought out interface; I'm truly impressed, and more than satisfied! Brian - USA im loving the patch editor..had it for a few months now and using it with the sc sixtrack and roland alpha juno 2. Lee - UK I have been very happy using the p.e. with my other synths, it is an amazing little machine. Your creation is as legendary as the machines it compliments, and is in my mind to be cherished just as much. Kent - USA What a FANTASTIC unit. Setting it up was a breeze […] I would clear recommend the PE to anyone searching for a solution that makes getting the best out of an analogue expander as easy and intuitive as can be. Thank you for a fantastic unit . Michel - France I knew the unit would be perfect for controlling several of my rack synths. What really impressed me is the physical construction of the chassis and the silky smooth knobs and sliders. I like that the button are raised on the chassis. Easy to press and I’m not getting fingerprints everywhere. When powered on it lights up beautifully and perfect for working in a dim studio. Looking at pictures do not do it justice :) Mark - USA You are a genius!! Loving the Patch Editor. Really an amazing design. Charles - USA So I'm finally taking the time to write to you about my experience with the Patch Editor I bought from you - and tell you what a fantastic ride it's been from the get go. For a while now I've had an Oberheim Matrix 1000 and a Roland "Super Jupiter" MKS80(V5.0) in my home studio. Both of these sound fantastic, but the absence of any intuitive method of programming had severely limited my use and enjoyment of them. […] Enter the Patch Editor. What a FANTASTIC unit. Setting it up was a breeze - I connected it to a Midi Input on the studio's Midi interface, installed Midi Patch Bay (freeware) on the studio Mac and use that during a session to route the PE's midi out to either the Matrix 1000 or the MKS80, select the appropriate template on the PE screen, pick a patch to start from on either synth - and program away. The PE is not just fantastically laid out - the lighting of active pots and faders makes control and navigation a breeze, and the ability to use realtime mods as Logic records sequences programmed on either machine really takes things to the next level. I also own a Roland Juno 60, and the PE's ease of use and reliability makes programming and playing both the Matrix 1000 and the MKS80 just as easy and rewarding an experience as using the Juno's front panel - even though both the Matrix and MKS have so many more functions. As a bonus, the PE looks fantastic and build quality is exemplary. I would clearly recommend the PE to anyone searching for a solution that makes getting the best out of an analogue expander as easy and intuitive as can be. Thank you for a fantastic unit :). Michel - France I use my current PE with almost every single synth profile you have in there. It's by far the best synth programmer ever made.  Mark - USA I love my kiwisix and patch editor on the MKS-80. Scott - USA    
Kiwitechnics Patch Editor
Note - The Power Pack is not included
Notes (1) Use Midi Channel 1 with the Korg DW-6000 (2) The MKS-70 needs the latest version of system code (v1.08) to run correctly. This is available from KiwiTechnics, Synthparts or Roland. It is only necessary to change the A Rom if on v1.04 or later. For v1.03 or older you will require the A, B & C Roms. (3) The 8P is run via midi and the PG-800 is not required (4) The JX-10 should be run as an MKS-70 with the Colin Fraser JX-10SE code fitted. (5) The SC Max uses the Sixtrak patch but not all Sixtrak controls are supported by the Max. See the user manual for details. (6) The Cheetah MS6 requires program v1.3 and details can be found at the Cheetah MS6 Resource Center (7) The Mx6,6r&1000 control is not suitable for live use as the Mx6,6r&1000 are not able to process sysex data quickly enough. This will cause hanging notes and other random midi errors. Not all controls work correctly due to midi errors in the Oberheims. M6&6R require PE v4.7 or higher.
Latest Firmware for PE & PE Plus
Latest Firmware for v6