KiwiTechnics is located in Auckland, New Zealand PC Service Ltd was established in 1988 as a design and support company specialising in hardware  and software. We then grew to also manufacture microprocessor based versatile LED lighting  systems for use in the film industry.  The name Painting with Sound was adopted when a synth repair division was started in 2006. It  was during this phase that the concept of the Patch Editor was born. Combining the  microprocessor and film lighting experience along with an obvious need for a replacement for the  Roland PG series of controllers that are rare, expensive and in some cases poorly made,  development of the PE was begun in 2008. The name Kiwitechnics was adopted for this division in 2009 as it has grown and developed  a life of it’s own.  The frustration of developing the PG-200 part of the PE and the obvious shortcomings of the JX-3P has led to the development of the 3P  Upgrade. This began as a patch of the existing code but this quickly showed it’s shortcomings and it has now become a full cpu  replacement and a complete rewrite. All PG-200 support has been removed from the latest versions of the PE & 3P as it has caused  endless support issues and it has passed it’s use-by date. It’s time to get a proper midi controller.  The Kiwisix upgrade was developed due to the steady stream of dead and dying Korg Polysix’s coming through the workshop. This was  mostly due to the battery that was used starting to leak and the acid damaging the cpu board. The Polysix is a popular and unique  sounding synth and should be kept alive.  Following the success and the ideas developed with the Kiwi-3P Upgrade a comprehensive upgrade has been developed for the Roland  Juno-106. This synth is another example of good hardware but with a limited user interface with poor midi implementation. Psicraft  have developed a comprehensive editor that is being bundled with the upgrade.  
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