KiwiTechnics News
July 2019 IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT ALL KIWITECHNICS PRODUCTS We have identified an issue with all kiwi products that will potentially damage cpu memory if midi is playing into the synth as it is powered on. This has been fixed in the latest version for each product and these have been uploaded to the Yahoo files section. You should make sure that no midi is active during power on until the latest update has been applied. The latest version of MidiQuest (v12)  supports all the Kiwitechnics upgrade range. The are different levels of editors available depending on your needs. KIWI-106, KIWI-1000, KIWI-30 & KIWI-3P We have managed to lower  the costs for making these upgrades and are delighted to be able to pass on these savings. KIWI-30 We are adding more tones to the factory set. The latest update (1.2) adds improved Oberheim M1000 import which opens a large library of available tones. These new tones will be included in the v1.2 update when it is released. KIWI-1000 This   upgrade   has   had   a   sizable   makeover .   Many   controls   have   been   changed   to   split   controls,   new   matrix   sources   added,   tone   import   improved,   waveshape changed to allow Saw to Clipped Triangle using a single control, Env 1-3 delays added and matrix 9 removed to make room for this. All the factory tones have been redone and it is sounding much better. The PE patch and MQ12 editor have been changed to match the changes. KIWI-PE We   are   making   a   cpu   upgrade   for   the   older   PEs    prior   to   serial   number   1514   that   will   give   them   more   memory   and   be   similar   to   the   newer   models.   This   will   be available in September if  all goes to plan. All Upgrades There are new firmware versions for all upgrades. These all fix errors that where found during testing with the new MidiQuest 12 editors. Kiwi-106 We   are   stopping   the   Vyzex   editor   download   as   this   is   no   longer   fully   working   with   the   version   changes.   The   author   of   this   is   no   longer   available   to   make   any changes and we do not have access to the source. The version that is supplied with the Midi Quest 12 editor will now be the only version that is supported.