KiwiTechnics News
Jan 2020 Happy New Year and I wish you all a fantastic year. The latest version of MidiQuest (v12)  supports all the Kiwitechnics upgrade range. The are different levels of editors available depending on your needs. We   are   looking   at   an   upgrade   for   the   JX-10/MKS-70   synths.   This   is   a   very   complex   upgrade   due   to   effectively   having   two   synths   in   the   one   case   but   the   sound   capability   is fantastic and worth the effort. Hopefully early this year so stay tuned. The Kiwi-106 Swap board is back due to demand. We   are   stopping   production   of   the   Patch   Editor.   This   is   very   expensive   to   build   and   having   to   buy   large   quantities   of   very   expensive   parts   is   proving   to   be   to   a bad business case and not economic. Thanks to all of you who own one.