KiwiTechnics News
June 2018 KIWI-1000 We   are   putting   every   spare   minute   into   getting   this   exciting   upgrade   done. This   upgrade   will   turn   the   M1000   from   a   preset   box   into   a   fully   blown   synth   engine. It   is   turning   out   to   be   a   much   bigger   job   than   we   first   envisioned   but   also   very   rewarding.   The   M1000   hardware   is   pretty   challenging   to   get   right   but   we   are hoping to have something by August if everything goes to plan. The   CEM3396   chips   used   in   the   M1000   is   an   amazing   chip   with   different   waves   and   PWM   as   well   as   VCF   FM   modulation   build   right   into   the   chip.   It   also   has the   classic   Oberheim   sound.   The   original   M1000   has   a   single   master   clock   running   the   dividers   which   limits   the   range   of   the   synth.   We   have   provided separate clocks from the upgrade board for the two voice dividers which has allowed a much larger range (64’-2’) and is pushing the CEM chips to their limits. All the tone parameter will be able to be edited from the front panel and there will be Chord, Arp, Seq and an internal clock in the upgrade. The K1000 will also accept Kiwi (106 & 8P), Roland (JX8P,JX10,MKS70)  & Oberheim tone dumps so there will be no shortage of tones available I have put up a K1000 page  with more details. KIWI-8P We   have   released   firmware   version   (v1.03)   that   adds   the   ability   to   convert   tones   stored   on   cartridges   and   the   Kiwi8P   will   now   also   accept   Roland   format   tone dumps   and   parameter   edits.   This   should   mean   that   existing   JX-8P   editors   should   work   with   the   Kiwi8P.   Not   all   editors   have   been   tested   so   contact   me   if   you find   any   problems. As   existing   editors   will   only   edit   some   of   the   extended   parameter   set   in   the   Kiwi8P   it   is   recommended   to   use   the   Kiwi8P   command   set   as   is specified in the Kiwi8P user manual. KIWI-Six We   have   released   firmware   version   (3.0)   which   adds   a   sequencer   to   the   KiwiSix.   It   is   now   possible   to   store   8   sequences.   The   clocking   has   changed   to   be more   like   the   Kiwi-106.   There   is   a   master   clock   which   can   be   sourced   from   midi   or   the   internal   clock   source.   This   master   clock   is   then   independently   divided for   the ARP   and   SEQ   to   one   of   13   different   divisors   including   swing   options.   The   Polysix   internal   clock   is   quite   slow   as   it   was   meant   to   drive   the ARP   directly without dividing and if this is a problem then we will look at a hardware or firmware change to speed it up. Patch Editor These   are   now   back   in   stock.   We   have   added   the   Waldorf   MWII   and   the   Studio   Electronics   1X.   This   and   future   updates   will   only   apply   to   PE’s   with   s/n   1513 and above as the memory is full on the older models.