KiwiTechnics News
Jan 2018 WHAT??? What happened to 2017?? Thank you to everyone for your support throughout 2017. It was an interesting year and we are certainly living in “interesting times”. Here’s to a fantastic 2018 for all of you. We are hoping to get a couple of projects done this year so stay tuned. There are a few “on the go” so we are not sure which one will reach the finish line first. KIWI-8P We   are   just   finishing   a   version   for   the   8P   (v1.03)   that   adds   the   ability   to   convert   tones   stored   on   cartridges   and   the   Kiwi8P   will   now   also   accept   Roland   format tone   dumps   and   parameter   edits.   This   should   mean   that   existing   JX-8P   editors   should   work   with   the   Kiwi8P.   Not   all   editors   have   been   tested   so   contact   me   if you   find   any   problems. As   existing   editors   will   only   edit   some   of   the   extended   parameter   set   in   the   Kiwi8P   it   is   recommended   to   use   the   Kiwi8P   command   set as is specified in the Kiwi8P user manual.