KiwiTechnics News
Nov 2017 T he Kiwi-8P project is being shipped . The next project is well under way and making great progress. The   3P   production   has   now   ceased.    Yes,   well   you   guys   are   not   making   it   easy   to   stop   making   the   Kiwi3P.   Since   the   end   of   life   announcement,   sales have increased to the point that is it worthwhile continuing for the moment. We will review it again at the end of the year. KiwiSix is getting a new version.  This is a sizable upgrade and will add a Sequencer and fix some bugs that have been reported. Changes are (from the releases page) 1) Add Sequence Play & Edit. Please see v3+ manual regarding Tied notes not working 2) Reduce Tones from 1024 to 512 to make room for Sequence storage 3) Improve sync with midi clock when midi is busy (was skipping clocks) 4) Create new Edit Map. This can be downloaded from the K6 Page once released 5) Update Manual with Seq Section and File Layout changes. This can be downloaded from the K6 Page once released 6) Update Front Panel Overlay 7) Change Clocking system - Now uses Master clock (Int or Midi) - see updated manual 8) Separate Arp & Seq clock divider settings including swing options  - see updated manual 9) Bug fix - Midi Soft Through was not stopping midi Clocks when set to off. 10) Bug fix - Delay before ARP starts Note - Dump file layout is changing and any saved dumps will no longer load correctly. Redo all dumps after this update Any tones in storage locations 513-1024 will be lost as this area is required for sequence storage. Move and save these before updating.