The JX-3P Upgrade features:- 256 Tones, 8 Sequences & 16 Patterns can be stored and edited, Sequences & Patterns can be optionally linked to tones. It is also possible to temporarily edit any Tone, Seq or Pattern MidiCC support for all parameters, Midi Sysex support for Tone Dump & Load Patch Editor Control of Parameters (requires PE v 4.1 or later), Tones have 89 editable parameters 8 separate 124 max step polyphonic sequences. These can be clocked from the internal/external sequencer clock, Pattern Generator, LFO2 or midi clock divided by 3,4,6,9,12,18,24,36,48,72,96,128,144,168 or 192 Polyphonic, Unison and Mono Key Assign Modes Portamento in Unison, Mono, Arp & Chord modes DCO Key Assign Detune available in all key modes, DCO 1 & 2 have separate Tune controls (+-12 semitones) Master Synth Fine Tune adjust Two independent  envelope generators Two independent Low Frequency Oscillators. LFO2 random2 can be clocked from the sequencer clock. The Arp, Pattern and Sequence clocks can be optionally sourced from the LFO2 16 stored Pattern Generator patterns. These can be clocked from the internal/external clock, LFO2 or midi clock divided by 3,4,6,9,12,18,24,36,48,72,96,128,144,168 or 192. The pattern can be any length between 2 and 16 steps Pattern Play Mode. This can be faded from no effect to full effect. Aftertouch, Modulation Level and dynamics via midi Modulation options include Velocity, Aftertouch and midi modulations that can be used in any combination. Each ENV Mod can select from ENV 1 or 2 and is a split control with add (normal) and subtract (inverted) LFO Button can inject mod control to any mod destination(s) LFOs can be plus or minus base note or plus only Bend Lever can be directed to Osc, Filter, LFO Rate and VCA Level in any combination Chord Mode. Any chord with up to 6 notes can be set and played from any key Enhanced Parameter editing to allow editing of all 89 Tone parameters and 27 Global Parameters from the front panel Sequencer, LFO 1 and LFO 2 clocks and voice use can optionally display on the front panel Greater speed range and 6 waveforms for LFO1 and LFO2, LFO2 has a second Random mode that can be clocked from the Sequence Clock The Arpeggiator can be clocked from the internal/external clock, Pattern Generator, LFO2 or midi clock divided by 3,4,6,9,12,18,24,36,48,72,96,128,144,168 or 192. Arp modes are Up, Down, Up and Down and Random, 0, 1 or 2 octaves Key transpose allows transposition to any key Up or down up to 2 octaves. Sequencer key can be shifted to any key while playing by using Key Transpose Sequencer can be Started, Stopped & Continued using Midi Commands Appeggiator will Output Midi Data and Sequencer can optionally Output Midi Overall Synth Fine Tune Chorus has Manual Mode & variable speed The Upgrade comes with a kiwi-3P metal stick-on label. The PG-200 is not supported.
The upgrade is a small replacement board for the 3P CPU (IC 44). It will require removing the CPU and replacing it with a 40pin socket which is supplied with the Upgrade. This needs to be done with good desoldering equipment by a competent technician so that the 3P board is not damaged. Instructions are supplied in the user guide. The upgrade includes a board to control the Chorus speed which is able to be controlled and saved from the 3P patch settings.
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This   is   a   sequence   running.   Firstly   it   is   changed   to   unison,   then   detune   is   added,   then chorus   is   added,   then   a   13   step   pattern   is   faded   in   and   then   out   and   finally   the   chorus   is set to manual and panned. This   is   a   sequence   running   and   demoing   playing   along   with   a   seq.   The   Seq   is   running   from   the   internal   clock and   the   filter   has   random   LFO2   also   clocked   from   the   internal   clock. There   is   also   a   little   bit   of   a   pattern   running as well which is also being clocked from the internal clock. This track is a mixture of Kiwi-3P sounds and effects This  is a demo posted on YouTube
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This   link    will   take   you   to   our   friend   Syntegrator   who   has   made   a   series   of   videos   documenting   the   Kiwi-3P   installation   process   and   provides   a   useful   travelogue   while   he   does   it. Note that the chorus board he installs in this sequence is not the new 'easy fit' design currently available, though. This link  will take you to a layout made by Rainer for the iPad app called MIDI Designer, which allows you to program the KIWI-3P from the iPad. This link  will take you to a new controller that is going to be made by Retroaktiv. This link  will take you to replacement Key Contacts made by LA Synth. Here is a demo made by Joakim
I've been having a lot of fun with this upgrade + patch editor. It's really an amazing achievement, thanks again for this. It's amazing to program with, really happy. Matthew D. U.K. The new possibilities of the upgrade just blow me away ;) Perfect done! Karl - Austria ...But the most glorious change is the level adoption in proportion to the resonance. I suggested this change myself, but I had no clue how it would sound in reality. Folks, it is unbelievable. The JX3P is now an absolute killer. I know only a few poly synths, which have the same power: the OB-X or the SSM based early Prophet V's. [Yahoo Group] BTW! love the chorus mod. with the filters and the vca's being the same as the Jupiter 8's , the Jx 3p really does sound jupiteresk! I know because I have a Jupiter 8 right here next to a jx3p. Especially with the added Chorus features.....very niiiiiiiice! Allen - USA I used Rainer's  ipad midi editor layout on your site to edit sounds. Fantastic! Finally I'm able to easily discover all the features in the 3P upgrade and start creating  sound banks. Your upgrade in combination the ipad layout really lifted the the old JX3P back into 2012! Peter - USA The Kiwitechnics JX-3P Upgrade is nothing short of fantastic. It's to the JX-3P, what Europa is to my Jupiter 6, and more still! In actual fact, it turns the JX-3P into a completely different machine. And does this with considerable aplomb. Thank you again for a wonderful enhancement to my still wonderful synth! Lux- Australia Picked up the Patch Editor from the post the other day.  Got it hooked up to the Kiwi-3P and I'm seriously impressed.  I always knew it was powerful but having access directly at your finger tips is a revelation.  I'm really digging the random arp and sample/hold features. Jim - USA I recently bought the kiwi 3p upgrade from you and have installed it and it is amazing! I have just purchased the Patch Editor from you which I am really looking forward to receiving to really help in realising the machine's new potential! Dave -Australia I have installed my Kiwi-3P upgrade, many thanks for the detailed and well thought out instructions. The process was pretty straight forward, although I have to admit desoldering and removing the original processor taxed my skill level. The upgrade is brilliant, I need time to fully explore the sonic capabilities. However one of the first things I tried was unison mode and the voice detune... wicked. Matrin - UK  The 3p now gives my mks80 a good run for its money. Your upgrade is just amazing :) Damon - NZ I got the JX3P upgrade and the Patch Editor and I love them!!! Nicholas - USA Hello! I just received my Patch Editor and the Kiwi-3P upgrade. Both are really really awesome and wanted to thank you very much for making both. Derek - UK Thanks so much for the Kiwi3p, have just got one. Amazing stuff. Ben What can I say. It's installed, it's working, it looks amazing with the SynthGraphics overlay but most of all good god it sounds incredible. I haven't even scratched the surface of it yet and I am constantly being blown away by what this machine can do now. Ollie - UK Great Work! The Patch Editor really brings life to this synth! I love the poly detune function. Vincent - USA  
3P Upgrade Price is US$155 + freight Freight and packaging cost are US$54 (USA), US$47(EU,ASIA),US$22(Australia) via NZ Post Economy Courier (tracked*) Currency conversion can be done using * Tracking is available to USA, UK & Most of Europe - for other destinations please contact.
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